This story starts off in the streets of England. The main character is named Samuel Collier.  He's caught when he tries to steal his mothers locket from a pawn shop.  The person who catches him brings him to the ship yard to join the expedition to America.  His capturer says to Captain John Smith that he is a hard worker so he would be good to take on the trip.
During the trip it was hard.  He had to live under the deck of the sailers. He has to live where all the slop buckets are held.  Slop buckets are basically barf buckets.  In other words it sucked here he lived during the long journey.
Once they got there it was tough for the first month or so.  They didn't have strong enough houses to withstand the harsh wether.  Also there was this one Indian tribe that kept coming to trade and a colonist noticed that the Indians had been loking around the fort for weaknesses. And what do you know the next day the tribe came back and attacked and killed atleast half he colony.
There was a long period in time where the Indians and the colonists didn't see each other until one day the Indians came back to trade again.  At first the colonists were suspisous but then the colonists started to trust them again so they started a nice friendship.
Towards the middle of the story they elect captain John Smith president.  He was president for quite a while he finally had to stop when he was badly injured and went back to England.  After he left the colony started to fall apart.  The next day two new ships came and replenished the colony with food and even more colonists.  
When the new colonists got there they treated the Indians as though they were savages.  They went out and burned there houses and stole from the Indians.  The next day the colonists leader captain Archer had to go and opologize to the Indians and show that those certain colonists would have consequences.  
A little later in the story our main character, Samuel Collier ,steals a baby only to keep it safe from the Spanish but unfortuantly he had to face consequences.
                                                                       And that concludes the summary of Blood on the River.